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A Comprehensive Digital Preservation Platform

share archive

Share with confidence.

At Permanent, we believe that sharing doesn’t have to mean oversharing. You choose what files or folders you want to share, who you want to share them with, and what level of access that Archive should have.
save metadata

Tell the story of your files.

We’re committed to giving you all the tools you need to make your archive as detailed as possible for others to discover and enjoy. We read metadata from all supported files. Anything that’s missing can be added or edited.
legacy archive

Leave a lasting legacy.

Could you imagine having a profile of your grandmother written in her own words? That’s the power of your public profile. The more you share with others, the easier it will be for them to discover you in the future and get the full picture of who you are.
archive management

Infinite archives, one account.

Create as many Permanent Archives as you want and manage them all from one account. Archives can represent any person, a whole family group, or an organization. Switch back and forth between them without needing to log out.

The Digital Storage Platform You’ve Been Waiting For

No subscriptions. Just $10 per GB.

Monthly subscriptions expire. On, storage fees are only charged once - $10 per gigabyte of storage, as you need it. We invest your contributions into a nonprofit endowment that covers the perpetual cost of storage and supports a nonprofit organization committed to protecting, migrating and maintaining access to your precious digital content.

Your files are insured for the future.
What's the best way to keep something around for all time? Make multiple copies of it and store those copies in different places. We use multiple cloud storage providers, located in multiple different regions, and store on multiple cloud tiers. We run regular checks on your files and, if one appears to be damaged or corrupted, we use its copies to repair it.
Collaborate with control.
Half the fun of preserving your things is doing it together. Add your family members, friends or teammates as Members of your Permanent Archives so that they can build it with you. You choose a Member’s access level and you can add and change permissions or transfer ownership at any time.
Your memories are always accessible.
In order for generations of the future to enjoy your files, they have to be able to open them. We have no idea how file formats will change as time goes on, so we’re planning for it now. We convert your files on upload to a universally standard format so that they can continue to be converted for new technology as time goes on.
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Announcing the Beta Release of Our Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Our new and improved mobile apps for iOS and Android are available as beta releases! If you’ve downloaded our mobile apps before, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. These new beta releases are a major step up in app quality and performance.
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Who is Permanent for?

Permanent is used by professional and burgeoning archivists, professional and hobbyist genealogists, photo organizers, professional photographers and videographers, illustrators and artists, parents and grandparents, nonprofit organizations, and conscious consumers who are looking for a better way to preserve their digital memories. Permanent was built for everyone. People of any interest, profession or technical background. Permanent is a platform built by the people, for the people.
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Our promise to you.

We will preserve, protect and secure any private data entrusted to us and make any data shared with others or released to the public accessible for all time by migrating it through future technological advances.

We will never mine private data for our benefit, we will never exchange copyright as a condition of using our service, and we will never invade individual privacy with unsolicited advertisements.

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